Hi folks, my name is Maria, my birthday is May 25, I live in Venezuela.

Likes: Ice cream, Logan Lerman, Paramore, 30 seconds to mars, Maroon 5, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Lana del rey, Lady Gaga, gomitas, food, sleep, read, listen to the rain, tumblr, chocolate, dogs and photography.

I hate: Fake people, the reggaeton and fish :S
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si conoces a mi mama, mi papa, mis casa, mi baño, mi pieza, has comido en mi casa, siéntete importante weon, ya erí de la familia ✔

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MBAV Social Media Challenge: Week 7 - Favorite Scene

My favorite scene is this one. It’s cause, BETHAN! The directors just did this on purpose. They ship it too much. I mean, they’ve been putting Bethan scenes through this episode. 

Another reason is, look at Ross! I mean, he sees Ethan saying those things, assumes he’s gay, but instead of reacting negatively, he’s like, “Hey, I bet you’d like going to the hockey game with Benny.” Honestly, I love him more because of his support. 

And, if you see in the last gif, Matthew’s smiling. He’s enjoying this too much. ;)

So embarrassing, but I discovered another typo in the last gif. Forgive me. (This is teaching me a lesson to read the captions. Gosh!)

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